Der AAC gratuliert herzlich Kees van Oostrum zur Wahl zum neuen IMAGO Präsident!

Current IMAGO President Paul René Roestad FNF intended to step down at the recent IMAGO Annual General Assembly in Brussels in March. Due to the rapidly arriving Covid-19 situation, the election of our new President had to be postponed but has now been realized by electronic voting.

And so, we’re absolutely delighted to share the news that Kees van Oostrum ASC NSC SBC AIC is to become IMAGO´s new President

Kees van Oostrum was born in the Netherlands and lives partly in Los Angeles and in Brussels. Van Oostrum has, in addition to being active both as a cinematographer and educator, been the President of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) from 2016 to 2020. In this period the ASC expanded their activities significantly, not only in the field of education, but also focused on working conditions and authorship issues.

Kees van Oostrum

Kees van Oostrum

During van Oostrum´s presidential leadership, the ASC intensified international collaboration, and joined IMAGO  facilitating international initiatives, at Camerimage and other locations. His aim has been to globalize the ASC and his view is; that only through international collaboration and solidarity between cinematographers,  can we hope to successfully reach important common goals.The outcome of Kees van Oostrum´s international work resulted in the ASC becoming a full member of IMAGO.

Kees van Oostrum wishes to intensify communication between the IMAGO leadership and its many members. He intends to further develop IMAGO´s educational activities, both for cinematographers and cinematography students. Kees van Oostrum supports the Board´s view of an expanded IMAGO Board, which we hope will be voted for by the IMAGO members and increase the number of annual Board meetings by more extensive use of digital solutions reducing travel expenses. Van Oostrum is committed to strengthening IMAGO´s various important Committees and envisions full transparency in all areas of IMAGO. He will commit to IMAGO´s strong focus on working conditions and authorship rights for cinematographers.

You can read Kees van Oostrum´s full statement by clicking here.
Paul René Roestad FNF says; “the cultural-political visions of Kees van Oostrum, his long experience from leading a significant Cinematographer´s Society, and not least his vast international contact network will be a great asset for IMAGO´s future development.Van Oostrum has valuable and important experience with societies´ support and financing matters, experiences I trust will be utilized also for IMAGO. During his presidential period in the ASC the society´s income more than doubled.Alongside him, van Oostrum will have the experienced team of IMAGO Board members, Luciano Tovoli AIC ASC, Ron Johanson ACS, Elen Lotman ESC, Predrag Bambic SAS and Alex Lindén FSF. Support will also include our legal and author’s rights advisor; Cristina Busch, IMAGO Treasurer Roger Simonsz BSC, Financial controller Viola Laske BVK and social media, website & newsletter editor, Oli Parry.An excellent team, that in collaboration with strong support from IMAGO members globally, will bring IMAGO giant leaps forward in the years to come.”

Paul René Roestad FNF continues…

“My period as IMAGO President has not only been highly interesting, it has been a privilege and an honor. The many fantastic colleagues I have met, friends I have gained and the many good experiences has highly enriched my life and will continue to do so.

My warm thanks goes to my fabulous colleagues in the IMAGO Board and administration, and not least to the central Board and administration members also stepping down, Louis Philippe Capelle SBC, Tony Costa AIP, Nina Kellgren BSC and Rolf Coulanges BVK. Their contribution to IMAGO has been invaluable! I believe it is fair to say that the Board and the administration, in good collaboration and with hard work, have brought IMAGO a good and positive step forward.

I would also like to thank all previous Presidents and Boards who have been in office from the day Luciano Tovoli, together with AIC, BSC, AFC and BVK, founded IMAGO in 1992. They all have unilaterally used their valuable time and energy to build up this fantastic and important Federation to where it is today.

My recognition also goes towards IMAGO´s more than 4.500 members, who loyally support IMAGO, and to all our most valuable industry sponsors and partners.

Together, IMAGO, our staff, members and  partners, have been and are a “hell of a team”, and with the challenges that face us, this team is more needed by international cinematographers than ever before.

I thank you all for a fantastic journey. I will, of course, strongly keep supporting IMAGO in every way I can, where the Board and new President finds it valuable, so as long as I can stand on my two feet.

To you all, I thank you warmly!”

There will be more information regarding our new President and upcoming changes at IMAGO coming soon so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox.

In the meantime, stay safe & have a fantastic weekend.

The IMAGO Board